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Congratulations! You're moving...now what?

We’ve compiled a list of tips to help prepare your belongings and expedite your move.

#1-Prepare to purge

Find a place near to you that will accept donations of household goods.

Make practical decisions, don’t pay to move what you do not use.

If the items you wish to donate are difficult to move, give us a call to make arrangements for your movers to assist that effort.

#2-Prepare to pack

Think ahead, where will you stage your packed boxes? (you may need to pull a couch out from the wall to stack boxes safely out of your living space.)

Make your staging area as near to the door as possible, time is money.

Use the items you already have in your home as packing fodder, some of these may include linens, plastic grocery store bags, or shredded paper. (Hint- for less mess on the unpack, put your shredded paper into a tied grocery bag to create a cushion for your items.)

As you gather your linens, consider putting a set of sheets for each bed in the drawer of its dresser, or a suitcase.  This will be a time saver on move day, you will not have to search for the box with the sheets in it.

Save your back and your time by creating the space you need for packing. Folding tables are a great aid in this.

Gather all the supplies you need before you start.

Tape the bottom of each box before you begin to pack it.

Remember, SPACE BREAKS! each box should be filled. pay special attention to the corners of the box as you move it. the corners should not give.

For the safe transport of liquids, plastic, preferably see through totes work well. (Hint-placing each item into a plastic grocery bag and lining this tote with a towel can help reduce the damage caused by a leak if one should occur.)

If totes are not an option, label the box “liquids” and put arrows to indicate not to place this box on its side, or simply leave the box open so the movers can see what they are transporting.

Label not only the top of the box, but at least one side as well. Once they are stacked, the top will not be visible.

To properly pack your plates, they should be padded and placed in the box vertically.

Remove any items from dresser drawers or armoires that are not cloth.

When you’re sure your packing is complete, consider the oft forgotten spots in your home like the cabinet above your stove, or the back shelf in a closet.

Look up! not everything is at eye level. scan your walls ceiling to floor in every room.

Look down. Treasures such as door stops can be easily overlooked.

#3-Prepare for your movers to arrive

Know what you do not want your movers to touch, and designate a spot for these items. (Hint-your vehicle or your bathtub is an excellent spot to use. a shelf in a closet or corner of a room are also good spots.)

Anything personal or irreplaceable should be kept with you.

Any medicines you need should be considered.

Before the movers arrive, to the best of your ability, clear your driveway and the road in front of your home, to allow the truck maximum maneuvering space. This will avoid wasted time at the start of your move.

Table tops should be cleared.

Beds should be stripped.

Everything that can be in a box should be, unless packing arrangements have been discussed.

If possible, enlist a person who does not reside with you, to walk the entire property to make sure no statues, planters, benches, wind chimes or other small treasures are left behind.

Following these few steps can make a big difference to your experience. If you have any other moving related questions, please feel free to ask!

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