Moving and Vehicle Transport

Can my moving company transport my car?

The process of moving and vehicle transport is demystified.

Moving isn’t always as simple as packing up the contents of your house, sometimes items such as a vehicle (or vehicles) need to make the journey as well. While there are plenty of services out there that specialize in vehicle transport, there are moving companies that offer this service as well. Moving day tends to be an overwhelming experience, so keeping things as simple as possible is a good rule of thumb. Having the entire process handled by your moving company helps keep the logistics of the actual move down to one point of contact, allowing you to focus on other important tasks. 

In any case, choosing a vehicle transport solution that gets your vehicle from A to B safely is of utmost importance. If you decide to have your moving company handle the transport, make sure they’re thoroughly experienced with the process.

Vehicle Shipping Tip:

When shipping your car, you need only save room for the driver. So feel free to pack the rest of your space with your items. I suggest placing things in there that you’ll need right away. They will be easier to find as opposed to reading through a sea of boxes to locate your creature comforts.
We at SETT Movers offer full service moving options. We transport cars to allow the families we serve to travel safely and comfortably when going the distance. Please call today to see how our logistics experts can meet your moving needs. Just remember, when you’re ready, we’re SETT.

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