Complete Guide to the Pre-Move Purge

Planning on moving?

It is never too early to begin the purging process! Clearing out your unneeded items can be great on many levels, but where to begin?

#1: Identify the keepers!

A great place to start is by identifying what furniture you want to bring to your new home. Once that’s established, you can ask family and friends to come and see what they may want or need from the remaining furniture. SETT Movers can assist with transport when needed.

#2: Identify MORE keepers- household and personal items

Once the major decisions regarding furniture items have been made, it’s a bit easier to start in on everything else. Using the same process, start identifying the things you know are going along for the ride, this will make the decision pile a whole lot smaller.

#3: Donate or Sell

Once you’ve given all you can to those you know, consider if your budget allows you to donate the rest, or if a sale is more in line.
If your goal is to sell as much as possible, there are many ways this can be accomplished. There are several online resources (craigslist, eBay, the list is endless) or even companies that will organize and host an estate sale. We can also transport nearly any item anywhere in the lower 48 states if the need arises.
If your aim is to donate, there are so many avenues by which you can do this. Some local charities even offer to pick up items. If the one you choose doesn’t, ask if your movers can provide you with that service. If you don’t know of charities around you, try contacting your social services department for some leads.

#4: Unload the junk!

Perhaps the items which you’re looking to rid yourself of have reached the end of their useful life. There are many disposal companies that will haul away your items. If it is just an item or two, your movers may be able to assist you. SETT Movers has a dumpster in our yard for just that purpose.


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