Understanding The Costs of Moving

Moving Costs

You have decided to make a move…now what? How do you know what is a fair price? With so many movers to choose from, where do you begin? A referral from family or friends is the best. Online reviews can be a helpful tool as well. Choose three movers with whom you feel comfortable. Try reaching out to them via phone call or email. A friendly and professional response within a reasonable time frame is expected.

#1: Moving Estimates

To estimate a moving job, your mover will need to know many things. This process may be done face-to-face in your home. When that is not possible, your mover may ask for an emailed inventory conversation to discuss specifics. Local movers are generally priced with a fixed hourly rate and a minimum number of hours. Interstate moves, or long distances, are priced differently, according to that company’s policy. There are three ways you may receive estimates for this type of move. You may be charged by the weight, cubic feet, or you may be given a binding rate. A binding rate will have a fixed amount based on the scope of your job for your move. When charging by weight and cubic feet, however, your price will be subject to change according to the actual usage on the day.

#2: Packing

If a mover is hired to pack your home (that is to say “box the boxable items”), it is customary to anticipate an hourly rate as well as a fee for any boxes or packing fodder used. 

#3: High to low pricing

Though pricing varies from mover to mover, so may the level of performance. The lowest price isn’t necessarily your best option. Be sure to confirm the moving company you choose is licensed and insured. This is a key factor in weeding out the fly-by-night companies. 

SETT Movers provides free moving estimates and transparent pricing, important factors when it comes to making an informed decision. The mover you ultimately choose will determine how smoothly the process goes.

Best of luck choosing!


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